Photo by Macis Silva

Learning an instrument as an child can be a wonderful, imaginative, and maturing process. Children are, by nature, creative and connected to art and self-expression. As a teacher, my job is to both allow the student’s creativity to flow, unimpeded, and guide them toward what is possible with music.

Some of the benefits of lessons for children include:

Mental focus.

An outlet for emotional self-expression.


A fun social activity.

A lifelong connection to music and the arts.

As a teacher of many children, some as young as 4, I understand that it takes a lot of patience and sensitivity to nurture a student through music lessons. It’s important to really listen to children, to understand that they may not know quite how to express their needs and preferences clearly.

I’ve also found that it’s important to know when to guide the lesson, when to allow the child to lead, and when to meet them halfway. Fun and laughter are also important elements in lessons.

I make sure to gain as much insight as I can into the students’ goals and motivations for playing music. I tailor each lesson to the individual student. Furthermore, I use specialized methods for kids: the “Dounis Method”, Suzuki program, and color-based notation are all options for lessons.

If you’re considering lessons for a child, feel free to get in contact with me for any questions or requests.