Photo by Macis Silva

I’m an experienced piano teacher who enjoys working with students of all ages, children and adults. With young children, I sometimes use color-based notation – a quick and fun approach to music reading.

An energetic 7-year old, learning piano for the first time.

An adult songwriter, learning to both read and compose at the piano.

A teenager, excited to play her favorite pop songs on the piano.

Because of its versatility, the piano is a great instrument, when first entering the world of music! I simplify technique, so that you feel comfortable and confident in whatever you play. I also supplement traditional pieces (from a variety of genres) with creative music theory, composition, and improvisation, catered to the interest of the individual student. My students quickly progress to playing the music that they love, and piano becomes a fascinating and satisfying means for self-expression.

For any questions or to schedule a lesson, feel free to send me a note through the contact page.