Photo by Joseph Curley

Learning an instrument as an adult is a fun, fascinating, and sometimes challenging experience. I admire all my adult students for pursuing what makes them happy. While a child usually has caretakers to sign them up for lessons, remind them to practice, and encourage them, as adults, we may only have ourselves to relay on to stay on the path of learning.

Adult students can be inspired to take lessons for any number of reasons:

To build on childhood lessons.

To play their favorite music.

For meditative benefits.

For the mental and emotional benefits.

As a social tool.

As a fun, new hobby.

There is one advantage to learning as an adult: you know yourself better. As a teacher, I also want to get to know the personalities and interests of each of my students. Understanding different backgrounds and learning styles helps me to teach them both more effectively and enjoyably.

Some adult students may find that metaphors help them become more involved in a piece, while others may prefer a more analytical approach. Some adults prefer a very structured practice regimen, others like a freer, more exploratory approach.

Whatever the case, I make sure to approch lessons with my students’ goals and motivations in mind.

If you’re considering lessons as an adult or have any questions, feel free to get in contact with me.