Photo by Macis Silva

I’m an experienced violin teacher who enjoys working with students of all ages, children and adults. With young children, in addition to traditional notation, I also teach color-based notation – a quick and fun way to learn to read music.

My teaching draws from the “Dounis method”, which is an approach to learning a string instrument that emphasizes a comfortable, physical approach to the instrument, and consists of small, simple exercises for every aspect of playing. I also include creative exercises and applications of the latest research on learning techniques.

My students have included:

An adult, seeking a new meditative activity.

A 6-year-old, eager to perform for her friends.

A teenager, with plans to play in a school orchestra.

The violin has hypnotized listeners for hundreds of years. Its sound is captivating and highly personal, so it’s a wonderful vehicle for self-expression.

For any questions or to schedule a lesson, feel free to send me a note through the contact page.