Photo by Macis Silva

For any prospective students, I’d be happy to connect you to a current or former student as a reference. Below are testimonials from a few of my students and parents of my students.

Andrew, adult graduate student (cello):

“I’ve studied cello with Nick for the better part of a year, and I can attest to the fact that he’s a phenomenal teacher. As a concurrent student and teacher myself, I appreciate three main qualities in a teacher: mastery of material, flexible but structured pedagogy, and genuine connection with students. Nick demonstrates all three of these qualities.

Mastery: As a beginning cello student, I can’t speak authoritatively on what makes a master, but I’ve heard Nick play and he’s great. He not only plays well but often comments on the underlying musical structure and theory that goes into a piece we’re working on. He’s clearly studied this art form for a long time.

Pedagogy: His pedagogical approach has a clear set of directives in mind, but he has been able to respond dynamically to my needs, talents, and stumbling points. Along the same lines, Nick does an excellent job of figuring out how I am thinking about music (which often seems different to his own), which makes it much easier for both of us to make progress.

Connection: Nick has a warm demeanor, which gracefully blends rapport and professionalism. During our lessons, I feel welcomed and encouraged, and, most importantly, cared for. Good technique and teaching method are important, but the sense of connection a teacher builds with a student is of high importance, and it’s hard to teach.

I’m glad to be studying cello with Nick Dinnerstein, and I would whole-heartedly recommend him as an instructor.”

Kevin (parent of piano student):

“Nick Dinnerstein is a wonderful teacher who demonstrates an ability to connect with his students. He shows a very serene patience with my daughter and makes her feel comfortable while encouraging her to succeed and be confident in herself. Working with Nick, I have watched her develop a sense of pride and self-assurance as she learns. She has now performed twice, something she said she would never do, but with Nick’s guidance and support, she has developed the courage to be seen and heard. Thank you!”

Jing and Josh (parents of sibling cello students):

“Nick has been teaching cello to our two kids (ages 11 and 9) for about 10 months. He has been a wonderful teacher. My daughter has made such significant progress that his cello teacher at school commented several times how well she plays. My son has also now decided to stick with cello.

We had such a great experience with Nick that we recommended him to another couple who have also signed on with Nick to teach their two kids. Based on what we hear, their kids really like Nick as well.

Nick is extremely reliable and highly responsive. We highly recommend Nick without any reservation.”